Social Media

Let Boomerang Integration consultants reach your target audience in new ways, utilising social media platforms to build brand awareness and customer loyalty.

We leverage social media platforms to engage with your customers and increase sales

• We place your company or brand in touch with your target audience

• Our campaigns are designed for short and long term integration

• Campaigns on social media platforms Improve you standing on all major search engines

• Campaigns will enhance your brand, they will sell your products. Plus at the same time they will drive traffic to your website, growing your new customers whilst also serving your current clients.

• Engage your potential clients in meaningful conversations, this day and age businesses can’t afford to be arrogant, we are now in an age where business must be open to discussion with their clients. It is vital to find out what they like, what they dislike and what fresh innovative idea’s they may have.

Utilise social media to execute exclusive offers and discounts

People are always looking for the best deals around, utilising social media gives businesses like yourselves an excellent opportunity to provide exclusive promotions and offers to your most loyal clientele. Not only are you reaching a captive audience with each of these offers, you are also able to measure the success of the campaign by keeping it exclusive to social media.

Provide instantaneous customer service

Social media allows companies the flexibility to deal with customer service related issues. This can be done directly by offering transparent channels for your clientele to register any concerns suggestions and complaints. This can be done by proactively monitoring what people are saying about your brand and business online.

Putting a face to big corporation

Large corporations can sometimes be seen as impersonal and uncaring to the general public. By placing a human face on a company you can knock down those walls and make yourself more accessible to the consumer.

Engage your audience by having them contribute

Social media enables the consumer to interact and contribute content to your active media platforms. This engagement helps build strong brand awareness by having people talk about your company.