“Bringing Business Back”

Gone are the days of prehistoric advertising companies there to make a quick buck!! Too long have companies faced an uphill struggle to get value for money from their advertising budget. Here at Boomerang we think outside of the box, rather than taking your money and throwing it away, consult with us… we’ll throw it for you, but just like a Boomerang it will always come back!

Boomerang Consultants offer a full range of bespoke social media services on a number of platforms to suit your individual business requirements. Our attitude and drive is second to none allowing you to focus on your business, while we take care of the rest. Utilising innovative and strategic marketing techniques we produce a more targeted reach to your core customer base, allowing for engaging and responsive interaction’s, creating an understanding of your buyers persona and building relationships with new clients, which in turn is consistently proven through our clients Return on Investment (ROI).

This blend of knowledge and skills, plus our dedication to our clients business needs, has led to our fantastic reputation within the industry and given reason to proudly say Boomerang Integration Consultants are… ‘BRINGING BUSINESS BACK’!